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Mesolipolysis is a non-invasive procedure that requires multiple fine injections of active ingredients into the treatment area beneath the skin to melt and remove small stubborn, unwanted pockets of fat that are resistant to diet and exercise. The fat dissolves and is carried through the bloodstream and excreted by kidneys and bowel. Therefore, very little, if any medicine reaches the general circulation and in any cases the level is so low that it has no effect on the rest of the body.

Unlike surgery, these treatments are usually relatively simple, require no post-operative recovery time, require no heavy bandages, and no anaesthesia. Numbing cream may be applied if necessary.

Price Starting From £250


Fat dissolving treatment

Fat removal treatment London
Mesolipolysis treatment

Fat removal treatment, stomach area

London Beauty Spot Treatment


Fat removal London

Non surgical fat removal London

What parts can be treated?

  • Double chin

  • Cheeks

  • Neck

  • Inner and outer thighs

  • Buttocks

  • Arms

  • Lower and upper parts of the abdomen

  • Fat deposits on shoulders, arms, joints, back


To achieve the maximum effect of the Mesolipolysis, we recommend to combine the treatment with changes in your diet and lifestyle.

Many patients see a result after the first or second treatment, although for optimal results extra treatments may be required. The treatment is painless and requires no anaesthesia. A doctor injects the active substance using a thin needle directly into the fat deposit. There is a gradual and natural degradation of fat. After the procedure you should take approximately 15-30 minutes to relax and to drink 1-2 litres of water a day. In the first hours and days you may feel itching, and also swelling and redness of the treated area.

Mesolipolysis can be a little uncomfortable, but not painful. It is best to avoid contact with the sun directly after the treatment as this may produce pigmentation. It is recommended to keep the treated area cool for 24 hour. There may be minor bruising, sensitivity to touch, pain at the injection site and higher fever in the treated area. These symptoms usually subside quickly, and should completely disappear within three days. However, if you feel unwell or your condition worsens in any way after this time, you should contact your doctor.


Description                                                                           Price

Double chin                                                                         £250

Cheek & Neck                                                                     £325

Inner and outer thighs                                                     £550

Buttocks                                                                              £450

Arms                                                                                    £650

Lower/upper parts of the abdomen                             £550

Fat deposits on shoulders, arms, joints, back            £375

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