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Lips are a defining feature of your face, so it’s important that they’re well-balanced, symmetrical, and have great volume. Lip augmentation is created with lip fillers, performed by our senior and experienced Doctor.

Lip injections have numerous benefits and are highly recommended for those who struggle with wrinkles and fine lines in the mouth area, have thin and poorly shaped lips or desire fuller lips.

Lip fillers are one of the most popular types of dermal filler. They increase the volume of your lips. You should be in good physical and mental health and have realistic expectations.

Lip fillers are injections that add volume to your lips. Lip fillers consist of hyaluronic acid present in the skin dermis and epidermis. It keeps the skin hydrated and gives a youthful look.  As we age, the amount of hyaluronic acid present in the skin is reduced resulting in a decreased skin elasticity.

As we age, our lips may get smaller or thinner, the groove between the upper lip and septum may get longer and flatter and the distance between the corners of our mouth may increase.


Lip Filler 0.5ml ……..£170

Lip Filler 1ml …….. £250

Lip Fillers / Lip Enhancements Before-After


Are Lip filler painful? 

We apply a strong numbing cream before the treatment to make the procedure comfortable.

How long do Lip filler last?

The filler will last months to years depending on the person’s metabolism and area of injection. The fillers last up to a year or more in the cheeks, jawline, and chin and several years under the eyes in many patients.

Possible Side effects of filler injections?

There may be Bruising, swelling, that will resolve over time. Facial asymmetries and imperfections may also be corrected with fillers.  A very rare complication called embolism may occur when a filler is accidentally injected into a blood vessel resulting in a decreased blood flow. Reaction to lidocaine in the filler is possible in people with allergies to Lidocaine.

Can lip filler be combined with other procedures?

Many patients coming for lip fillers also undergo injections of Botox for forehead or periocular wrinkles. In addition, many patients undergo dermal filler injections to augment the chin, cheekbone areas, jawline contouring, and smile lines.

Difference between Facial fillers and Botox?

Facial fillers are used to fill facial grooves such as smile lines or marionette lines, enhance the volume of the chin, cheek areas, jawline, or lips. Botox (Neurotoxin) is used for facial wrinkles caused by the muscles of facial expression such as muscles of the forehead and around the eyes.   These neurotoxins weaken those muscles and the ability of those muscles to cause facial wrinkles.

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