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Micro-Tox is a new technique in which multiple tiny doses of Anti-wrinkle solution are placed just below the surface of the skin rather than into the belly of the muscles. This treatment is recommended for the wrinkles on the face and around the eyes.  Some of the leading causes of wrinkles are UV exposure, loss of collagen and elasticity that come with age.

This technique can produce a lifting and firming effect on the skin, decreases pore size,fine lines, redness, and oil production.

Micro-Tox lasts up to three or six months; however, there are some potential long-term benefits when mixed with H.A. filler.

Price: £160

Micro Tox treatment in London

Micro-tox for Cheek Lines

How does the procedure go?

Micro Tox treatment, also known as micro-Botox, is a cosmetic procedure that involves injecting very small doses of diluted botulinum toxin (Botox) into the superficial layers of the skin. It is a variation of traditional Botox injections that targets the uppermost layers of the skin rather than the underlying muscles.


The treatment begins with the cleansing of the skin in the targeted area. Then, using a very fine needle, small amounts of diluted botulinum toxin are injected into the superficial layers of the skin.


Micro Tox treatment is commonly performed on the face, particularly areas prone to fine lines, such as the forehead, crow's feet around the eyes, and lines around the mouth. It can also be used to treat the neck and décolletage.

Conditions Treated with Micro-tox

Botulinum toxin works by temporarily blocking the nerve signals to the muscles. When injected into the superficial layers of the skin, Micro Tox aims to reduce the appearance of fine lines, improve skin texture, and give the skin a smoother and more youthful appearance.


The treatment typically takes effect within a few days to a week. The results are subtle and natural-looking, as the treatment primarily targets the superficial layers of the skin rather than affecting muscle movement. Micro Tox can soften fine lines, reduce pore size, and improve overall skin quality.


After Care Proceudure

Micro Tox treatment is generally considered safe when performed by a qualified and experienced medical professional. The use of smaller doses and superficial injections minimizes the risk of complications and side effects compared to traditional Botox treatments.


The effects of Micro Tox treatment typically last for a few months, similar to regular Botox injections. To maintain the results, follow-up treatments are usually required every few months.


It's important to consult with a reputable medical professional, who can evaluate your specific concerns and determine if Micro Tox treatment is appropriate for you. They can also provide you with more personalized information regarding the procedure, potential risks, and expected outcomes.


It's crucial to have Micro Tox administered by a qualified medical professional who has experience in cosmetic injectables to ensure safety and achieve optimal outcomes.

Full Face: £250

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