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How To Remove Your Hands wrinkles And Look 10 Years Younger!
Sadly to say that we don’t take care of our hands in spite of the fact it shows the first sign of ageing
Why the Skin on Hands shows signs of ageing so quickly?

We spend so much money on anti-aging procedures, yet most people neglect the part of the body that shows the first sign of ageing - their hands!

The skin on the back of the hand is much thinner than that on your face. Our hands are exposed more than any other skin on our bodies, even more than our faces. We take extra care with our faces by wearing a hat or applying sunscreen. But, we usually forget about our hands.

The body produces collagen naturally, it is in abundance when we are young, but unfortunately, the production of collagen and fat starts to decline from the age of 30, and continues. It decreases even more in women after menopause. 
On the back of hands there is very little fat. As part of ageing process we start losing fat, collagen or elastic fibres and our skin thins out, and partly from sun exposure a noticeable impact on your hands is visible. Hands are generally the first place to show your age and it is mostly forgotten.

The end result is wrinkly, crinkly crepe skin texture and the noticeable appearance of bulging veins, which also grow larger over time.

As everybody age differently, Dr. Khan our senior most aesthetic practitioner will provide you an individual treatment plan that is specifically designed for you, to improve the ageing skin on your hands.

Price From : £350

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