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TREATMENT                                                                                                     TIME                                                                     PRICE

GUINOT Hydradermie
It is a complete facial treatment; it deep cleans

the skins, rehydrates the deeper layers and

speeds up cellular regeneration. This treatment

is suitable for all skin types over 15 years of age.

No heat treatment 12 hours before or after the

treatment.                                                                                                     1 hour                                                                       £55.00


GUINOT Hydradermie Plus
This is an anti-ageing facial, a three part

treatment for the face, eyes and the neck.

Incorporating the Serenity massage this

treatment will tone and re-hydrate the skin

there by helping to prevent the wrinkles.                                             1 hour 15 min                                                          £67.00


GUINOT Aromatic : Herbal Facial/Holistic Facial
This is holistic treatment based on the essential

oils and plant extracts. These ingredients in

combination with a specialized massage promotes

a feeling of relaxation and well being                                                    1 hour                                                                       £55.00


GUINOT Hydra Peeling
Hydra Peeling is a skin rejuvenating treatment

with two peeling options that are adjusted and

prescribed based on the client’s beauty goals

and level of skin sensitivity. This skin renewal

treatment even enables clients with sensitive

skin to enjoy the benefits of an enhanced cellular

regeneration peel improving the visible signs of

ageing, brightens skin tone and diminishes dark spots.                   45 min                                                                    £67.00


An exclusive skincare method that provides firming

action and immediately attenuates signs of fatigue

and ageing. After 50min treatment fine lines and

and wrinkles are smoothed away. The face is visible

younger looking                                                                                        50 min                                                                     £72.00

GUINOT Eye Treatment                                                                           25 min                                                                      £30.00


Express Facial:                                                                                          30 min                                                                       £30.00


Facial with Steam:                                                                                   1 hour                                                                          £44.00


It’s a collagen induction therapy treatment that

boosts collagen to make your skin look younger,

even out skin texture and make you look more

radiant.A celebrity treatment performed by our

experienced doctor.For Ageing skin.                                                 1 hour                                                                              £127.00

Facial Rejuvenation (Pulse Light Therapy)

IPL treatment can be used to visibly reduce the

effects of ageing and the damage caused by

sun exposure, trauma, illness and other lifestyle

factor. IPL regenerates the skin by stimulating the

production of collagen over a period of time.                                                                                                                          £78.00

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