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Spider Vein Treatment

Facial veins also called Telangiectasia are small blood vessels on the skin of the face. There are also commonly named as thread veins, spider veins, rosacea, vascular blemishes and spider naive.


They are usually harmless but aesthetically not acceptable. These vessels are on lips, nose, eyes and oral cavaties.


These vessels are also on legs, thighs and other parts. They can cause discomfort and look unattractive.


Most people choose to have them removed.


At London Beauty Clinic we use high frequency technology to heat  the

Blood vessels and forcing it to collapse, the blood is naturally absorbed into the body and the disappears


– Instant results

– Simple and affordable procedure

– Relatively painless

– No side effects

– No bruising

– No bandages

– Treat 40-50cm of red or spider vein in as little as one session

– Immediate sun exposure


Removal is done by causing damage to the vessel and forcing it to collapse.

This reduces the appearance of the red marks or patterns on the skin.

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