The world renowned GUINOT combines nature and science to bring you the very best of beauty products and treatment, helping you care for your apearance and well being, now and for the future.


GUINOT Hydradermie: It is a complete facial treatment; it deep cleans the skins, rehydrates the deeper layers and speeds up cellular regeneration.This treatment is suitable for all skin types over 15 years of age. No heat treatment 12 hours before or after the treatment.  1hour  £47.00
GUINOT Hydradermie Plus: This is an anti-ageing facial, a three part treatment for the face, eyes and the neck. Incorporating the Serenity masage this treatment will tone and re-hydrate the skin there by helping to prevent the wrinkles:



GUINOT Aromatic/ Herbal Facial/ Holistic Facial This is a holistic treatment based on the use of essential oils and plant extraxts. These ingredients in combination with a specialized massage promotes feeling of relaxation and well being.  1 hour £43.00
GUINOT Beaute Neuve: Beaute Neuve is based on the use of fruit acids and fruit enzymes, amino acids (proteins) and vitamins. These provide a renewing effect on the skin. This treatment is suitable for all skin types and for all ages. 1 hour £44.00
Liftosome: This facial has been specifically developed to treat the problems associated with mature skin (30 ). Using a high concentration of vitamin-C, the treatment will strengthen elasticity and firmnes whilst stimulating cellular regeneration 1hour £57.00
GUINOT Eye Treatment:  25min £21.00
Express Facial:  30min £26.00
Facial with Steam:  1 hour £37.00